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What is the difference between Economy and Confort Class? The explanation on your web page is kind of confused. Economy appears more expensive than Confort??? Pls advise Tks! Gina
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 14, 2016 17:46
    Hi Gina,

    'Economy' is 2nd class and 'Comfort' is first class. On trains in Europe, first class generally offers more comfortable and larger seats, more leg room, and is sometimes less crowded. You can access information about the fare/accommodation by clicking the 'View' button right under the cost that displays. After you click 'View', a box will expand out underneath with information about the corresponding ticket and accommodation, including refund and exchange policies.

    Trains from Paris to Lyon do have a 'tiered' system of ticket costs, the best of which sell out quickly. Once the best rates sell out, the next best will be quoted. Therefore, if all the lowest 'Economy' rates have sold out on a particular train, then it can work out that the best remaining 'Economy' rates would be higher than the best remaining 'Comfort' rates.
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