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Paris Transfers, Luggage and Venice Stations

Traveling London to Venice. The connection in Paris from Paris Nord station to Paris Gare Lyon is a little more than an hour. What is the best way to transfer between stations? How is luggage handles (more than 1 piece per person) Also, which Venice station is closest to the cruise port, Venecia Mastre or Venecia S Lucia?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 14, 2014 19:46
    Hi Patricia,

    To commute from the Nord station to the Gare de Lyon station, you would just take line D of the local RER train network. The ride on the RER from Nord to Gare de Lyon would only take about 8 minutes. You would pay to board the RER locally at the turnstiles upon arrival.

    There is no checked luggage for the great majority of trains in Europe. Passengers carry their luggage on board the train with them. Sufficient luggage storage is provided in both 1st and 2nd Class. There will be room for luggage storage above and below each seat, as well as at the end of the train car in certain cases. A typical amount of luggage is 2 large items per person, plus one smaller item.

    Most cruiselines would use a port on the island of Venice closer to the Santa Lucia station, however, it would depend on the cruiseline. I would recommend contacting your cruise company to see which rail station is closest to the port they use.

    The Santa Lucia station is located on the actual island of Venice (where tourists visit), while the Mestre station is located on the mainland of Italy.
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