Is there a pass valid for Heathrow, London, Paris, Dover, & Edinburgh?

Is there a pass available that included express transportation from and to Heathrow to London, a day transportation to Paris, a possible trip to Dover and a possible day trip to Edinburgh,Scotland
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 28, 2014 16:15
    Hi Barbara,

    It is important to note that there is no rail pass that will combine Great Britain with any other countries on the mainland continent of Europe. Great Britain is only covered by the BritRail Pass or the BritRail England Pass. Therefore, for extensive rail travel in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, you would end up purchasing one of our BritRail Passes, in combination with another pass that would cover the countries you will be traveling to on the mainland continent of Europe.

    The BritRail Pass covers the ticket costs for rail travel in Scotland and Wales, as well as in England. In contrast, the BritRail England Pass only covers the ticket costs for rail travel within England. Therefore, if you opt to purchase a rail pass to cover your travels in the United Kingdom, you would go with the BritRail Pass (since you'll be going to Edinburgh).

    You can check costs for the BritRail Pass by clicking here:

    It would also be important to note that the Eurostar (the train that connects London and Paris) is actually not covered by any rail pass; however, a rail pass would enable travelers to receive a 'Passholder' fare for a ticket on this train. You would purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on the Eurostar by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage, just as you would to purchase regular passholder reservations on other trains.

    The Eurostar is unique in that it can generally be booked up 6 to 9 months in advance of a departure.

    The BritRail Pass does also cover travel on the Heathrow Express, which would be the short train you'd take to commute between the Heathrow Airport and London. It would use up a day of travel on your pass if you were to use it to take the Heathrow Express. The Heathrow Express only arrives into the Paddington station in the city of London. From there, you would commute by Tube or bus to wherever you need to go in the city. The Heathrow Express only takes about 15 minutes in duration and departs once every 15 minutes between the airport and the Paddington station.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) April 25, 2017 21:20

      As of this year, BritRail Passes no longer enable passengers to receive any kind of Passholder rate on the Eurostar.

      While that is true with regard to BritRail Passes, any Eurail Pass that includes France is now valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Paris and the UK, while any Eurail Pass that includes the Benelux is valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Brussels and the UK. As a supplement to the Eurail Pass, reservations on the Eurostar would still be necessary.

      If a BritRail Pass is the only rail pass with which you’ll be traveling, then it would be necessary to purchase regular tickets in order to ride on the Eurostar. Please note, this applies to any BritRail Pass, including the BritRail England Pass, the BritRail London Plus Pass, the BritRail South West Pass, and the regular BritRail Pass.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) April 13, 2018 14:50

      As of this month (April 2018):

      The following rail passes no longer qualify passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar:

      Any single country Eurail Pass, including:

      • Eurail France Pass
      • Eurail Benelux Pass

      Any 2 country option of Eurail Select Pass, including:

      • Eurail France-Italy Pass
      • Eurail France-Switzerland Pass
      • Eurail France-Germany Pass
      • Eurail Benelux-France Pass
      • Eurail France-Spain Pass
      • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass

      BritRail Passes and the France-Italy combination of the 2 country Eurail Select Pass continue to not be valid on the Eurostar.

      Passengers traveling with any of these rail passes would need to purchase regular tickets to take the Eurostar.

      Passholder rates will continue to be offered (depending on availability) to any passenger traveling with a Eurail Global Pass, a 3 country Eurail Select Pass (that includes the country of arrival or departure, be it France or the Benelux), or a 4 country Eurail Select Pass (that includes the country of arrival or departure, be it France or the Benelux).
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 28, 2014 16:21
    You might also want to consider city passes to cover any local public transportation while you're in the cities of London and Paris. For instance, for London, there is the London Travel Card (which would cover the Tube and buses in the city of London), and for Paris, there is the Paris Visite (which would cover the Métro, RER, and buses in the city of Paris). There are even passes for each city that would cover entry to various museums and attractions.

    Even for Edinburgh, there is the 'Edinburgh City Sightseeing Tour', which is a voucher valid for 24 hours on the hop-on/hop-off double-decker buses in Edinburgh.

    If you ever wish to see what city passes might be offered for a particular city, you would click on 'Activities' from the homepage of our website and then identify the city and country when prompted.
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