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Payment not authorised?

Hi, I'm trying to book a Global Pass and when I went to pay I got this message: "The payment was not authorized.
Note that your credit card has not been charged. Contact your credit card company to check your transaction limit before retrying."

I called my bank and they said everything is fine with my credit card, no issues at their end or with Visa, I entered the security measures successfully, everything is cleared to go. I have an email from them confirming everything is clear and working. There appears to be a booking number allotted and my bank informed me that merchants can hold onto credit card details so I am worried that I will be charged and not receive my tickets.

I don't have a lot of time left before I leave so I really need to make bookings ASAP and would like either help with getting my tickets booked, or assurance that I will not be charged so I can use another service.
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