Pending Order Has Not Been Confirmed in Over 2 Weeks

Two weeks ago, I booked round trip tickets from Madrid to Barcelona. I received a email saying "We are holding the order in our system to advise you that due to the annual summer schedule change, we are unable to confirm your reservations at this time. The European rail companies are in the process of loading the trains into the international reservation system. However, there are still some trains that have not been loaded. We may not have schedules until mid May."

It is now mid May and I still have not heard back. I emailed, but have not received a response. My two questions are 1) When can you confirm whether my pending order is going to go through? 2) Can I cancel my pending order because each day I wait for your summer train schedules to be finalized is another day where I'm missing out on booking a train ticket with another website. I might want to book with a separate train company before all tickers run out or prices drastically increase. I don't think my credit card has been charged yet for this pending order, so I might want to cancel before it does get charged. Please tell to reply to my email ASAP as this is urgent.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 13, 2019 20:36
    Hi Jake,

    The June and July schedules for Spain just started to come in last week. If the trains aren't able to be booked through us yet, they would not be available to book elsewhere. We receive the ability to confirm these trains as soon as they are made available to book by the rail network of Spain itself. If you're starting to see them appear elsewhere, then we should now be able to process your requests. Your credit card would not be charged until we do. However, if you need to check on the status of your specific order, you would have to send another email, or else wait for a reply to the email you already sent.

    Nonetheless, there is no need to request a refund, as the trains will be ready to book in time of your travels. The 'Summer Schedule Change' in Spain is an expected and annual occurrence.
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