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My order on www.raileurope-world.com didn't go through, but my card was charged. Please return the money you took from my account.


I have been advised by my bank to contact you directly about this issue.

I tried to purchase rail tickets (Barcelona to San Sebastian return) on your website (www.raileurope-world.com) on July 6, 2014. However after selecting the journey, then entering my credit card information and selecting confirmation, an error appeared saying that you were not able to finalise the purchase. I was shortly notified by my bank that you had in fact retained €160.20 from my account. With nothing purchased! Ridiculous!

I have not received any notification nor email from you therefore I cannot provide you with any purchase reference. Additionally, as I have not purchased any products from your company, you do not have any right to withhold the above stated amount, and therefore are requested to un-hold and return said amount to my bank account. I do not wish to purchase anything further from your company.

The card used on July 6th was a Visa card ending in 1025. Please return the funds to my account as soon as possible, as I am unable to carry out further transactions.

Also I noticed from your community webpages that this is a quite a common occurrence and has left many customers angry and unhappy; which I find to be rather unacceptable, as I have never come across this kind of behaviour from any other company before.

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 16, 2014 14:37
    Hi Andrew,

    Raileurope-world.com is not our website. Please note, this messageboard is for the United States-based seller of European tickets and passes for the North American market, and we are completely separate from www.raileurope-world.com. If you didn't place an order with us, there is no way we would be able to assist you. If you placed your order with www.raileurope-world.com, then they would be who you'd need to contact regarding your situation.

    In any case, we do not charge people for orders that are not able to be fulfilled.
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