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Hi, my friend and I, both 18, are travelling in Portugal and Spain in March.
We find the Portugal-Spain pass too expensive, as it is only offered in 1st class. We noticed that a 4-day Portugal pass + a 4-day Spain pass, both in 2nd class, give us a total cost equal to a 6-day Portugal-Spain pass.
We arrive by plane in Lisboa. We then want to take a trip to Porto. From there, we want to go back south to Faro (or any other close city). From the south, we then wish to to go Sevilla, but we know this will probably not be included on the Portugal pass. Is it possible to go straight from Porto to Faro? Is there a train from Faro to Sevilla, or should we go back to Lisboa?
We will be mainly travelling in the south of Spain, departing from Sevilla. We have not yet made a precise itinerary, but we came up with a few places we want to go to: Cadiz, Tarifa or Algeciras, Ronda, Granada, and finally Madrid. Is it worth taking the 5-day Spain pass, or are there a lot of buses available?
Finally, my last question is about the reservations. If we travel inside the country, do we have to make reservations? How expensive are they? Do we have to make the reservations once we get in the country, or can we make them before?

Thank you very much!
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  • For your travel plans if you wish to travel in 2nd class in Spain and Portugal, I would recommend that you purchase the Eurail Portugal Pass in 2nd class plus the Eurail Spain Pass in 2nd class.

    At this time there is no direct rail line between Faro and Seville, or anywhere south of Lisbon connecting Portugal and Spain. Your best option would be to take a local bus that runs directly between the Faro bus station and the Seville bus station, and takes approximately 4 hours. During March there are only two direct busses per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This bus is not included in the pass and we recommend that you purchase bus tickets locally.

    The cities of Cadiz, Algeciras, Ronda, Granada and Madrid are easily accessible by a train and your Eurail Spain pass would be valid on these trains.

    Seat reservations are mandatory on all high speed trains in Spain and can run anywhere from $11 per person per train to $45 per person per train. Most of the local train in south of Spain would be at about $11 per person per train. The high speed train to Madrid would be a little bit more as it is the premium high speed AVE or Altaria train.

    You can find the passholder reservations online at http://www.raileurope.com/us/rail/poi....

    It is important to purchase your passes and passholder reservations prior to departing for Europe to avoid any language barrier, long lines at the station and sold out trains.
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