Possible Itineraries with a Central Europe Triangle Pass?

Hi I am planning a trip at the beginning of November and would like to visit Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague. Would I be able to use the Central Europe Triangle Pass?

If I wanted to go:


or it could be:

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  • Hi Natalie,

    I'm sorry, however, the Central Europe Triangle Pass would not be valid to cover either of the itineraries you laid out. In fact, there is no itinerary covered by the Central Europe Triangle Pass that would include both Budapest and Salzburg.

    For information on the Central Europe Triangle Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/central-europe-triangle-pass/index.html.

    For the requested itineraries, you could either purchase the European East Pass (which is valid to cover travel in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, as well as Slovakia) or regular point-to-point tickets.

    For information on the European East Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/european-east-pass/index.html.

    Otherwise, you would check regular point-to-point ticket costs by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com.

    Trains departing from Prague can only be booked within 60 days of an intended date of departure, while any of the other trains that would comprise of your itinerary can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure.
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