Can i buy tickets for travel in September?

When trying to price travel in Sept, 2012, from Paris to Brussels, or Paris to Zuerich, fares are not available. Why? When will they be available?
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  • Hi David,

    Not sure when you are traveling, but fares for these routes are available to book 90 days prior to train departure. If you are looking for schedules beyond the 90 day booking horizon, then you would not be able to book these trains at this time.

    You can check current fares and schedules by putting in a date before July 28. If you are booking trains with in the 90 day window, then the trains you are looking for may already be sold out.

    Also, if using the multi city function on the website, that could also be a reason why the schedules do not appear. If you go to the home page there is a box that says check fares and schedules. You can then check your routes one at a time and keep adding the trains you want to your shopping cart. You can continue shopping until you have added all your trains. Once all of your trains are added to your cart, then you can proceed to check out.

    I hope this information helps you in booking your trains on the website. Have a great day.
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