Problem with my ticket and account

I have bought 2 tickets from London king cross to york, I have received a confirmation email, however, my account of raileurope showed that I haven't book anything yet. Is that I didn't successfully buy the ticket or there is a problem with my account?
Moreover, I would like to ask I should print the ticket at the ticket station by the ticket reference number or a PNR number?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 29, 2019 14:32
    Hi Grace,

    You would only be able to view orders that were placed through your account. If you didn't submit the order through your account, then you would not able to view it under your account; nor would it be able to be transferred over to your account.

    Tickets for trains in the UK are 'print-at-station' tickets. To print these tickets, you would type their PNR code into the kiosk at the station.If you have further questions about your specific order, you would have to send an email with your booking number to
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