Public Transport Train and or bus to the Tuscany and Umbria Region of Italy

Hello, We are travelling to Florence and Rome in Mayn 2014, Can you please advise of whether there is public transport to the following areas:

Val D Orcia
San Gimignamo

I am wanting to see Rustic and Ancient Villages and Beautiful landscapes. In Tuscany.

I am considering Anghiari Hill top Hamlet

Assisi or Spoleto

appreciate very much your assistance with these areas by public transport
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 23, 2013 16:40
    Hi Kim,

    From what I can tell, the closest station to Val d'Orcia is Asciano. Asciano is located on a regional rail line between Siena and Chiusi Chianciano. From Asciano, you would still need to take a taxi to get to Val d'Orcia, which would be about 20 to 30 km away.

    Lucca has a rail station of its own. Lucca is located on a regional rail line between Florence and Viareggio.

    The closest rail station to San Gimignano is Poggibonsi-San Gimignano. From the station, you would take a bus to get to San Gimignano. The bus ride from the Poggibonsi-San Gimignano station to San Gimignano would take about 30 minutes, and you would pay to board this bus locally. Poggibonsi-San Gimignano is located on a regional rail line that runs between Florence and Siena.

    The closest station to Gubbio would be either Fossato di Vico-Gubbio or Gualdo Tadino, both situated on a regional rail line that runs between Spoleto/Foligno and Ancona. Both Fossato di Vico-Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino would be about 26 to 30 km from Gubbio.

    Perugia has its own rail station. It is located on a regional line between Florence and Assisi/Foligno.

    The closest station to Citerna would be Arezzo, about 30 km away. You then should be able to take a bus to get to Citerna from Arezzo. Tickets for the bus would be purchased locally. Arezzo is located on a regional rail line between Florence and Perugia/Assisi/Foligno.

    Anghiari is close to Citerna, so the closest rail station to it would also be Arezzo. Anghiari would be over 30 km from Arezzo. I'm not sure if there is a bus that can take you right there.

    Assisi and Spoleto both have rail stations. Assisi is situated on that same regional line that runs between Florence and Foligno. Spoleto is situated on a regional rail line between Rome and Foligno or Ancona.

    A rail pass that includes Italy would cover the ticket costs on all of these rail lines. Regional trains in Italy ('Regionale' or 'Regionale Veloce' trains) don't accept reservations, so the rail pass would be all that is needed to board. If you would like to inquire about a specific rail trip to any of these locations, then please let us know, as schedules to some of these destinations may not be able to be viewed on our website.
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  • HI Jeff,

    We are staying in Florence this summer and are planning to attend the Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo on 6/20. I am having difficulty finding train schedules between Florence and Arezzo and am wondering if this is because it is a regional line and the schedule isn't available yet. Your system only brings up 1 train in each direction mid-day, which wouldn't work for our itinerary. I was under the impression there were multiple trains back and forth daily.

    Because my purchase of fairly expensive event tickets is dependent upon having a solid transportation option, I'm curious if I"m just missing something or if you have an idea of timing of the release of the regional schedules. Would a reservation be necessary for these regional trains? (especially when there might be higher passenger volumes) Are there other transportation options we should consider instead?

    Thanks for your assistance.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) May 19, 2015 18:36
      Hi Patrice.

      Rest assured, trains operate all throughout the day between Florence and Arezzo.

      You would check schedules and purchase tickets for trains between Florence and Arezzo by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the route. The regional ('Regionale' and 'Regionale Veloce' trains) are currently able to be viewed and booked for the requested departure date, as are the 'InterCity' trains.

      The Regionale and Regionale Veloce don't even accept reservations, so a ticket we issue for this route is all you would need to board.

      In contrast, reservations are required on 'InterCity' trains in Italy. With that being the case, the reservation is automatically included with any ticket purchase for this type of train between Florence and Arezzo.

      In Italy, the Regionale and Regionale Veloce trains can only be booked within 60 days of an intended date of departure, while the InterCity trains can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure.
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