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Purchasing a reservation while in Europe

I have been reading through this blog and am concerned that, once I get to Europe, I am going to have a problem with any additional travel that I may want to take. It sounds as if I can only travel what I already have reservations for unless it is a local train that does not accept reservations. Is that true? Will I be able to go to a train station and purchase a reservation just by showing my Eurail pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 24, 2012 15:45
    Hi Leslie,

    Due to high demand, especially during the busy Spring and Summer travel season, many reservable trains can sell out quickly, so I would recommend booking your reservations in advance prior to departing for Europe. Whether or not reservations are required does depend on the train.

    Reservations are required on all high-speed trains, night trains, and many international routes. Generally, high-speed trains connect most of the larger cities and more popular destinations in western Europe. In some countries, most major cities are connected almost exclusively by high-speed trains. Therefore, it is likely that reservations will be required for many of your trips there.

    If a particular train displays when you do a search under 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass' on our website, then you might want to go ahead and purchase reservations for that train, because it is likely that such a train would require reservations (or at least, reservations would be highly recommended). If a particular train doesn't display from such a search, then it is likely that the train doesn't accept reservations or else reservations are not necessary.

    Reservations can be purchased locally at the stations for any train that has availability.
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