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Is there anything I can do to make a reservation for a train ticket which can be delivered only by paper delivery?0 This type of delivery is not available for me because of the date of departure from USA to Europe. Can I make some kind of reservation and buy a ticket on a station on the day of my departure?
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  • Hi Katarzyna,

    Depending on where you are traveling, there is a possibilty of booking the reservations electronically. However, we are not able to do this for all countries. It is best to call us at 800-438-7245 and one of our travel consultants will be able to assist you with booking your tickets electronically.

    If we are unable to book your reservations, then you can book them locally at any station in which the train originates from.

    We hope this helps you in booking your trains prior to travel as trains can sell out.

    Thank you,
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