Can't get times or info from Granada to Madrid

I just tried to find out how much a reservation would cost granada-madrid. It wont give any times or info for that route. Something about too many changes and not a route. I read that there is a bus involved as well now. How do I book this return trip for the eve of July 15
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 14, 2016 19:53
    Hi Suzanne,

    There were direct trains from Granada to Madrid; however, there has been ongoing construction on the rail line outside of Granada, forcing a bus substitution for the segment between Granada and Antequera.

    You would purchase tickets by doing a search under 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage, Since the buses from Granada to Antequera are replacements for the trains that previously operated along this stretch, the tickets we issue will be valid. When doing your search, it is important to note that you would have to type Antequera as 'Antequera Sta.Ana' for these segments display. For a trip from Granada to Madrid, you would also have to piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search for the segment from Granada to 'Antequera Sta.Ana' and another search for the segment from 'Antequera Sta.Ana' to Madrid.

    Trains from Antequera (Antequera Sta.Ana) to Madrid are AVE trains.
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