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Rail Pass for Italy and France?

planning on traveling to, and around, Italy and France. What type of Rail Pass would suite us (2 seniors) the best which will also provide the most "bang for the buck?", which will provide transportation within Italy and then to various locations in France. Will fly out of Paris or London when our funds are extinquished.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 29, 2018 18:25
    Hi Billy,

    Generally, for extensive travel in any country, a rail pass can be the most economical option; however, it always depends on the specific itinerary.

    For travel in Italy and France, you can purchase the 2 country option of the Eurail Select Pass for those countries. For this pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/pass/eurail-select-pass-2-countries-8039.

    Rail passes cover ticket costs for trains running ‘inter-city’ (between different cities) within the country or countries included on the pass.

    When applicable, reservations are a supplementary cost to a rail pass. Reservations are required on most high-speed trains, many international routes, and all overnight trains. In Italy and France, most major cities are connected almost exclusively by high-speed trains. Therefore, it is likely that reservations will be required for many of your trips there.

    In Italy, reservations are required on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, InterCity, and night trains. These represent most trains between major cities in Italy. Rail passes are not valid on the Italo trains in Italy, as these are privately owned and operated, separate from the Italian national rail network.

    In France, reservations are required on TGV trains, some Intercités trains, and night trains.

    Currently, passholder reservations for trains in Italy are not able to be booked on our website. If you need to purchase reservations for a train in Italy you would instead have to call us. We can be reached at 1-800-622-8600. Our current hours are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CT Monday to Friday and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT on Saturdays. Generally, trains in Italy can be reserved once within 120 days of an intended departure date.

    For trains in France, reservations can be purchased by searching a route on our homepage (www.raileurope.com), checking the box that says ‘I have a rail pass’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Select Pass 2 Countries’). Generally, trains in France can only be reserved within 90 days of an intended departure date.
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