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I would like to purchase the Rail Pass Spain for 5 Travel Days and I'm having issues reserving my separate travel trips on your website - only 4 separate reservation windows appear (please see screenshot below) ...not 5...is that normal?? OR will I be able to reserve the 5th train trip separately?

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 16, 2017 16:33
    Hi Victoria,

    The 'Multi-City' option on our website is only capable of allowing 4 route/schedule searches. I would actually advise against using the 'Multi-City' feature anyway. It is better to search each trip separately. Therefore, I would just recommend doing separate 'One-Way' searches. For more trips, you would then just click 'Keep Shopping' after adding a particular reservation to your shopping cart/itinerary.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) August 16, 2017 17:01
      Please note, this would be the procedure for purchasing reservations with the Eurail Spain Pass. This procedure does not apply to the Renfe Spain Pass.

      With the Renfe Spain Pass, the reservation costs are actually already included in the cost of the pass itself. This makes it unique from all other rail passes, including the Eurail Spain Pass, for which reservations are an additional cost.

      If it is the Renfe Spain Pass that you're purchasing, you would still refer to our website to view the train schedules, but the process for obtaining reservations is different. With the Renfe Spain Pass, you would request reservations just by replying to an email that we send to you when the order for your pass is processed.

      The Renfe Spain Pass is also unique from the Eurail Spain Pass in that it is issued electronically (you would receive an email from us with a link to print the pass) and that it is purchased for 'segments', as opposed to 'travel days'. A 'segment' refers to each individual train you take (i.e. '6 Segments in 1 Month'=6 different trains in 1 month).

      The General Rule with regard to these passes:

      When the number of travel segments equals the number of travel days, the Renfe Spain Pass would be more economical than the Eurail Spain Pass. When the number of travel segments exceeds the number of travel days, you would want to start looking at the Eurail Spain Pass, because it may end up being the less expensive option.
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