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Hey there,
I am cruuently looking at purchasing a Eurail Select Pass for a trip I have planned but am a little unsure of the conditions.
So I realise I select the number of days spent travelling and the countries but just what confirmation on something.
Say if I wished to travel from Brussels to Zurich and had selected Benelux, Switzerland and Germany as 3 of my 5 countries, am I then able to travel to Zurich from Brussels via Frankfurt in one day and have this counted as one trip?

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  • Hi Thomas,

    For the days of travel on a pass, you can get on and off the train as much as you would like in one day. So if you have to change trains along the route, this would still count as one day.

    Please be sure that when booking your reservations, that all countries the train travels through are listed on your pass.

    I hope this information is useful to you while planning your vacation.

    Have a great trip,
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