Rail Passes Paris and Mont St. Michel

Is there a rail pass that covers round trip CDG to and from Paris, round trip to Versaille and a 1 day round trip to Mont. St. Michel via Rennes or Pontorson?

If not what type of tickets should I get to accommodate this itenery?
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    Hi Louisiana,

    The France Rail Pass would cover most of your trips except the trip back to the airport.
    So what we would recommend is the Paris Visite pass for all zones, this would cover CDG as well as Versailles, and then either full fare tickets or a France Day tripper pass to go to Mont St. Michel for the day.

    Please note that the Paris Visite pass is for consecutive days and has a maximum number of days of 5. You may also be interested in the Paris Museum Pass as that would also cover entrance to Versailles. You can click on the following link to view more information on these passes.


    Thank you,
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