Reservation for Open point-to-point tickets in Italy and France

I purchased all individual rail tickets instead of passes for my husband and I's trip through Europe. They came as "open rail tickets," valid for one month during a specific time period. Do I still need to make reservations for each trip?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 15, 2013 15:29
    Hi Benji,

    If you were issued only 'open tickets' for a particular route, then it should be the case that the train you purchased tickets for doesn't accept reservations, or else reservations are not at all necessary. Rest assured, if a particular train requires reservations, then the reservation is automatically included with any ticket purchase for that train. If you have tickets that indicate an actual seat and coach number, then you will have reservations on that train.

    If you wish to verify, then please send an email to In your email, please include the booking number for your order and the full names of all passengers traveling.
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