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Reservation included?


I have a Eurail Global Youth pass, and I am attempting to book reservations to get from Florence to Nice. There are two transfers, stopping at Milano Centrale and Ventimiglia Stazi heading to Nice Riquier.

At the online checkout, for the train going from Ventimiglia Stazi to Nice Riquier, I dont see anywhere where is states "Reservation Included". The train is TER #86052. It says on the previous page that reservation is required. I just want to make sure that the reservations for all trains and all transfers will be shipped to me.

I have the order sitting in checkout right now, waiting to confirm the order until I am sure I will be getting all reservations for all trains.

Thank you
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  • Good morning Chad,
    What you have holding in your shopping cart is correct. The trains from Ventimiglia to Nice are regional trains and therefore cannot be reserved. Your pass will cover you on these trains. All you will need to do is board the train and sit wherever there is an available seat. The trains from Florence to Nice and Nice to Ventimiglia will have confirmed reservations.
    We thank you for booking with us. Have a great trip.
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