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Reservations with Spain Rail Pass (Valencia-Seville, Seville-Cordoba-Seville, and Granada-Barcelona)

Our trip is coming up in early June, and we've purchased the 3-day Eurail Spain pass so that we can make the following trips for both myself and my husband.June 8th: Valencia --> SevillaJune 11th: Sevilla --> Cordoba --> SevillaJune 17th: Granada --> BarcelonaIt looks like that almost all of these require reservations on top of the rail pass that we've already paid for. However, when I go into any of their websites to make these reservations, there are very few options for purchase. For example, only one option is available from Sevilla to Cordoba, which is preposterous since I know there is basically one train per hour.Honestly, I would be willing to just take local trains that take longer but those options seem incredibly limited as well.Can this all be explained by this "Summer Schedule Change" when we are only 4 weeks out from that first train?Also: I sent a message asking about a mixup between my husband and my rail passes - he was assigned the "youth" pass while I was assigned the "adult" pass when it should have been the other way around. I just never received a response and at this point just have to hope they won't give us any trouble.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 14, 2019 20:33
    Hi Jerrica,

    On each of your trains, reservations will be required in addition to the Eurail Spain Pass.

    Valencia to Seville (with a Eurail Spain Pass)

    There is only one direct AVE high-speed train from Seville to Valencia. This train departs Seville in the early evening and only takes about 4 hours. However, it appears as though this train might currently not be available for much of June.

    Fortunately, this trip can still be done very easily with a connection in Madrid. In fact, this is an even more common way for travelers to get from Valencia to Seville than the direct train.

    The trains Valencia to Madrid and Madrid to Seville are AVE trains, which do require reservations.

    Passholder reservations for the segment from Madrid to Seville are currently able to be booked on our website; however, it currently not possible to book passholder reservations for the Valencia-Madrid segment on our website. Instead, for passholder reservations from Valencia to Madrid, you would send an email with your request to customercare@raileurope.com.

    When choosing your trains, I would recommend allowing yourself 15-20 minutes to change trains at the station in Madrid (Madrid Atocha).

    Seville-Cordoba (with a Eurail Spain Pass)

    I do show that passholder reservations for trains between Seville and Cordoba are now able to be booked on our website.

    For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations from Seville to Cordoba (and return) by searching the route on our homepage (www.raileurope.com), checking the box that says ‘I have a rail pass’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Spain Pass’). I would recommend doing separate searches for the outbound and return.

    Granada to Barcelona (with a Eurail Spain Pass)

    For the past several years there has been ongoing construction on the rail line outside of Granada. As the construction goes on, there are no direct trains into or out of Granada. Trains to Granada only go as far as Antequera.

    To get from Granada to Antequera, you would take a bus from the Granada station. Since these buses substitute for trains that should (eventually) be running on this route, they do accept rail passes, so you can use your Eurail Spain Pass to board.

    The train from Antequera to Barcelona is an AVE on which reservations are required. However, the Spanish rail network's information about the Antequera-Barcelona trains for dates in June is more ambiguous. At this point, we are unable to tell if the passholder reservations are already sold out for Antequera-Barcelona trains or if they have not yet even been made available to book due to their 'Summer Schedule Change'.

    Either way, if the direct Antequera-Barcelona AVE train is not able to reserve, you can instead route yourself via Madrid for this trip. This would involve the bus from Granada to Antequera, an AVE high-speed train from Antequera to Madrid, and then another AVE high-speed train from Madrid to Barcelona.

    Neither the direct Antequera-Barcelona AVE train nor the Antequera-Madrid AVE trains are showing up on our website currently. Therefore, I would recommend inquiring about this trip, as well, when you send us your email about the Valencia-Madrid train. In your email, be sure to mention your departure date, number of passengers, class of service, and the fact that you'll be traveling with the Eurail Spain Pass.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) May 14, 2019 20:43
      The issue with you being assigned the regular adult rate and your husband being assigned the youth rate could present problems for you while trying to use your rail passes. To correct this, please call us at 1-800-622-8600 and choose the appropriate options from the menu. When you call, you can also inquire about the specific passholder reservations I mentioned above (instead of emailing us).
    • I've tried to call multiple times for several days and keep getting the "due to high call volume, we are no longer accepting calls at this time" message.
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