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Rome to Naples & back to Rome: can you book specific days only (without specifiying time?)

Hi. I'm looking to book a return trip from Rome to Naples. Do I need to pick a specific time for travel, or can I just buy tickets for specific days?

For example. I will be traveling from Rome to Naples on July 30. I will be returning to Rome (from Naples) on August 1. Can I book open tickets for those days, without choosing a specific time for travel?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 08, 2012 16:39
    Hi Alison,

    The majority of trains between Rome and Naples require reservations. If a particular train requires reservations, then the reservation is automatically included with any ticket purchase for that train, and the ticket would not be able to be used for any train other than the train the ticket was booked for.

    Between Rome and Naples, there does happen to be some regional trains that do not even accept reservations. For these trains, we issue open tickets, which would not even reflect actual departure and arrival times (even though you would still be selecting a specific train on our website). The open tickets would be valid to take any single regional train from Rome to Naples (and return) for a 1 month time period beginning on the date you performed your search for when you placed your order. Therefore, you would be able to use the open ticket to take a later regional train from Rome to Naples (and return) on the same day, should you need to. Keep in mind, however, that the regional trains on this route take about 1.5 hours longer than the other trains. There is open seating on such trains, since they are trains that do not accept reservations.

    To cover regional trains beween Rome and Naples, we would actually break up the route by issuing open tickets between Rome and Latina (a mid-way point along the route) and then separate open tickets for the portion of the route between Latina and Naples. The regional trains between Rome and Naples are still direct trains, so you would not have to get off the train in Latina, even though the open tickets would be issued that way.

    For the Rome-Naples route, the regional trains will not display on our website, so the open tickets are only able to be purchased by calling us at 1-800-622-8600.

    If you wish to purchase tickets for one of the trains on this route that require reservations, you would do so under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website,
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