Rome- Airport to Termini Station, can I use my rail pass?

I will be purchasing a Rail Pass for my trip to Italy. We will be arriving to Rome via the Fiumicino Airport. I know that I need to take the train to the central station is Rome. Can I use my rail pass for this? Do I need to make a reservation?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 10, 2012 19:08
    Hi Carla,

    A 1st class Eurail Italy Pass (or any rail pass that includes Italy for that matter) is valid to cover the Leonardo da Vinci Express train between the Fiumicino Airport and the Rome Termini station.

    However, a 2nd class rail pass would not be valid to cover the Leonardo da Vinci Express train from the airport into the city. If you purchase a 2nd class rail pass, you would have to purchase separate tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci Express.
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