Traveling from Oslo to Lillehammer with Saver Pass, but 2 of the passengers also need round-trip tickets between Lillehammer & Hunderfossen. Where can we purchase these extra tickets?

I have purchased a 3 country pass for 4 people, meaning we must all travel together to use it. Two of us wish to go round trip from Oslo to Lillehammer for the day, while the other two wish to continue one more stop to Hunderfossen, and then return to Lillehammer later to meet the first 2 for the trip back to Oslo.

How and when could we purchase the 2 round trips from Lillehammer to Hunderfossen? Can it be done on the train itself or should it be purchased at the Oslo train station?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 15, 2016 19:03
    Hi Steve,

    You can purchase the 2 round-trip tickets between Lillehammer and Hunderfossen when you're at the station in Oslo or even while you're on board the train itself.

    From Oslo to Lillehammer, there are trains with 2 digit train numbers and trains with 3 digit train numbers. Only the trains from Oslo to Lillehammer with the 2 digit train numbers will continue on to stop at Hunderfossen. On these trains, Hunderfossen would be the very next stop, right after Lillehammer.

    Additionally, reservations are recommended on these trains as a supplement to the rail pass. For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations by clicking the 'Seat Reservations' tab on our homepage (, entering a route, and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling. However, our website doesn't recognize Hunderfossen as a destination, so you can instead just do your search from 'Oslo' to 'Lillehammer', and the reservations we issue would still be valid for the other 2 members of your party to continue on to Hunderfossen.

    Currently, due to an error, it appears as though our website is only quoting the reservation costs next to the listings for departures out of the rail station at the Oslo Airport. Rest assured, you can still choose this option and board at the Oslo S station (Oslo Central), if need be. These trains also may have a message attached that says 'Reservation Required', however, that is not a true statement. On these trains, reservations are highly recommended, but they are not required.

    For your reference, the trains Oslo to Lillehammer with the 2 digit train numbers will stop in Hunderfossen just about 12 minutes after they are shown on our website to be arriving into Lillehammer.

    The trains from Oslo to Lillehammer/Hunderfossen operate along a small stretch of the scenic Dovre Railway (the full route of the Dovre Railway being from Oslo to Trondheim).

    If you were to take one of the trains from Oslo to Lillehammer with a 3 digit train number, the other 2 members of your party would have to see if there is a bus or taxi that can take them to Hunderfossen, or else they would have to wait for the next train. However, the trains that go up to Hunderfossen operate rather infrequently.
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