Will our rail ticket from Madrid to Cordoba give us a connection from the airport to the Madrid station or is there a fee? Is the connection to the Madrid station right in the airport?

arriving at madrid airport 1030 am. is the connection to madrid station within the airport. our rail ticket gives us connection to madrid station or is there a fee?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 08, 2017 17:31
    Hi Richard,

    Your ticket from Madrid to Cordoba will be valid to cover you (at no additional charge) from the Madrid Airport to the Atocha station via C-1 of the Cercanías. The Cercanías transfer would just have to be done within 3 hours of your departure from Atocha to Cordoba. You would just have to take your Madrid-Cordoba ticket to the ticket window and they'll give you what you need to cover you on the Cercanías.

    The Cercanías trains depart once every 30 minutes throughout the day and the ride from the airport to Atocha takes about 26 minutes in duration.

    The Cercanías station at the Madrid Airport is located in Terminal 4.
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