San Sebastian to Accous or somewhere else in Pyrenees??

Interested in knowing how to go about traveling via train to somewhere in Pyrenees (recommendations gladly accepted on which city is best/easiest!!) from San Sebastian, Spain...can this be done in one day? Also, what are the requirements for crossing the country borders via train? We would probably be purchasing the Eurail 3 country pass for travel. Thanks in advance!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 28, 2018 14:40

    Accous itself does not have a rail station. However, it can be reached by bus from the nearby village of Bedous, which does have a rail station.

    The bus ride from Bedous to Accous only takes about 4 minutes, and you would pay to board locally when you're there.

    A connection from San Sebastián to Bedous would take at least about 5 hours and involves at least 3 train changes along the way; once in Hendaye, once in either Dax or Bayonne, and then once in Pau.

    From San Sebastián to Hendaye, you would take a local train called the 'Euskotren', which would not be covered by the rail pass. Tickets for the Euskotrens can only be purchased locally when you're there. With that being the case, their schedules are not able to be viewed on our website. These trains depart every 15-30 minutes throughout the day and the ride from San Sebastián to Hendaye takes about 37 minutes. Euskotrens depart from a specific secondary station in San Sebastián called the Amara station.

    From Hendaye to Dax or Hendaye to Bayonne, you can a regional TER train for which the Eurail Select Pass would be all you'd need to board (TER trains don't accept reservations). If you happen to take one of the TGV high-speed trains from Hendaye to Dax or Bayonne, then reservations would be required as a supplement to your rail pass. It would probably easier just take one of the TER trains, because the trip durations are still comparable.

    From Dax to Pau, I would once again recommend just taking a regional TER train, since they run frequently and do not require reservations. There are some TGV trains running from Dax to Pau, but these would require reservations.

    The direct trains from Bayonne to Pau are Intercités on which reservations may be required as a supplement to a rail pass. Currently, there is no way to tell in advance which Intercités trains in France require reservations and which do not. If you go the Bayonne route, you can check at the ticket window in the station before boarding and purchase the reservation, if need be.

    Trains from Pau to Bedous are regional TER trains that don't accept reservations, so the Eurail Select Pass is all you would need to board.

    You can view schedules for the trains between Hendaye and Bedous by searching the segments under 'BOOK TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, For this particular trip, you would just have to piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. For example: one search from Hendaye to Dax, another search for connecting trains from Dax to Pau, and another search for connecting trains from Pau to Bedous.

    For the 3 country option of the Eurail Select Pass itself, you would click here:
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