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I am SO confused about how to make seat reservations on the train from Berlin to Gdansk, Poland. I go on the website and get several different prices for seats, and I can't do a seat reservation for 6 people, it has to be 5 or less. I called the RailEurope 800 number and THEY AREN'T TAKING ANY MORE CALLS!!!!!! I desperately need help with this. Please!
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  • I finally got through to the online chat agent who then had a LIVE agent return my call and he was extremely helpfull, got all of my seats reserved! The raileurope website is NOT user friendly and I am relatively good with online travel. It was quite frustrating.
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    • I have to say, it is incredible to me that I am just now finding out that seat selection for Berlin to Gdansk can't be done online. Why on earth would it be possible to even do a search if that is the case? Why would we receive our tickets and be told over and over in the information to make our seat selections ONLINE?? Why would someone not be available by phone?? Unbelievable.
      I appreciate you replying to my questions, but there needs to be some serious work done on this website.
    • We do not own or operate any trains. Across Europe, there are thousands of trains operated by countless different companies. Rail Europe is a ticket seller for the various rail networks and train companies in Europe. We are unique from the train companies themselves in that we take on the task of coordinating the fares and schedules of these many companies. Rather than selling tickets for one train type or company, we work with the train companies to attempt to sell as many tickets for as many trains as can be possible.

      While we did update to a new website earlier this year and are still working out the kinks, it will always be the case that certain routes will not be able to be booked there. If a particular route can only be booked locally or by calling us, we will tell you, and that would apply to all passengers. Still, the website is a work-in-progress and we hope to make many improvements from this year to next.

      I didn't handle your initial inquiry, so I don't know, but what was it exactly you were attempting to purchase? Regular tickets from Berlin to Gdansk? Or 'passholder' reservations from Berlin to Gdansk? You said you were able to get what you needed booked? Regular tickets are something that actually should be able to be booked on our website.
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