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For a London to Windermere Roundtrip, does it make sense to purchase senior rail cards prior to booking?

We are traveling from the US to London in October for our anniversary. We are taking the rail from Euston Station to Windermere (haven't booked yet), and will be returning to London. We are both seniors. Does it make sense for us to purchase senior rail cards prior to booking- and, if so, are two needed to get discounts for both of us?
Very excited about the trip!
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  • Hi Gen,

    Rail Europe does not offer the senior cards for the UK. If you are only traveling from London to Windermere and return and not taking any other trains, it may be more beneficial for you to book regular full fare tickets.

    As these trains cannot be booked more than 75 days prior to train departure, I would recommend that you put in a date within the next 75 days to get current fares and schedules.

    I hope this information is helpful to you and that you are able to book the best possible fares for this trip.

    Thank you,
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