Do I need a BritRail Southwest Pass or a BritRail Pass of travel includes London, Glastonbury, Cornwall, and Havant?

Not sure which pass I should purchase. I want the 4 day flex pass & will travel from London to Glastonbury to Cornwall & then to Havant. Which pass do I need?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 21, 2017 15:47
    Hi Carol,

    The BritRail South West Pass is valid to cover rail travel between London, Havant, and stations throughout the Cornwall region.

    Glastonbury actually does not have a rail station. The closest station is Castle Cary only about 16 km away (25 km driving); however, there is no bus service from there to Glastonbury, so you would end up needing to taxi. You can instead take a train to either Taunton or Bristol (Bristol Temple Meads), both of which will have bus service to Glastonbury. The stations in Castle Cary, Taunton, and Bristol are all included in what's covered by the BritRail South West Pass. For a bus from Taunton or Bristol to Glastonbury, you would just pay locally.

    If these are the only destinations you'll be visiting, then there would be no need for you to purchase the main BritRail Pass and you can instead just purchase the BritRail South West Pass. For the BritRail South West Pass, you would click here:

    Trains from London to Bristol and London to Taunton or London to Castle Cary take around the same amount of time (Castle Cary is the stop just before Taunton on the route from London.) For planning purposes, you can check schedules for any of these routes by doing a search right on the homepage of our website,
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