Spain rail novice...can anyone help with a step by step process?

My travel partner and I will be novice rail takers who will have heavy luggage when I get to the station and have our Eurorail Spain pass validated. Can anybody provide a quick quick step by step of what to do when we arrive to our various stations in Spain and how the rail taking situation all works? How early can we get to the platform to get good luggage rack space?
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  • Hi Liffry,

    We don't have a step by step procedure for getting your way around the train stations as each of them are differnt. We recommend that you get to the station at least a half hour prior to train departure. However, you may not be able to board the train until about 5-10 minutes prior.

    When you arrive at the station there will be a board or monitors that will advise you which platform your train will depart from. You would then just follow the signs to the platform of departure.

    Please note that you will have to activate your pass at the ticket window prior to boarding your first train. You will also need reservations purchased in advance before boarding the trains as well. These can be purchased through Rail Europe to ensure availability.

    Thank you,
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