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Are reservations needed for the AVE train when using a Spain Rail Pass?

If I have a RailPass for Spain, can I ride the AVE trains within spain for no exta cost? Will I need a reservation to ride the AVE. I plan on traveling as much as possible on the AVE due to the speed. Any help would be great.
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  • Hi Dennis,

    The Eurail Spain Pass covers the train journies between cities in Spain and the high-speed AVE trains do require seat reservations. The price is $13 per seat reservation in 2nd class and $33.00 per seat reservgation in 1st class. Please note that the 1st class seat reservations include a meal.

    Just use the below link:

    Enter your rail pass name, the city pair and the date of travel and you can simply pick the train that works best for you and buy seat reservations before you travel overseas.
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