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How can I book reservations using my Eurail Global pass in Spain? Currently I am not seeing any options for my trip. Barcelona to Valencia to Madrid. Thanks!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 22, 2012 21:20
    Hi Chad,

    Since you will be traveling with a rail pass that includes Spain, you would click on 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass' from the homepage of our website to book your reservations. Trains in Spain can only be booked within 60 days of an intended date of departure. If your intended date of departure happens to fall outside of this time frame, you would just enter a date within the next 60 days to get an idea of the reservation cost and view schedules when searching the routes on our website.

    There is currently no error on our website preventing these trains from being viewed or booked within the 60 day booking window. Also, just make sure the cities appear correctly in the appropriate fields before you click to submit the search. Our website may populate them as something else, so you may have to type slowly. If you are still not able to view these trains for dates within the next 60 days, then you would call us at 1-800-622-8600 to purchase your tickets or inquire about ticket costs and schedules.
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