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Station agents are the best!

It's been my experience that I get the best rides when I actually talk to agents on the spot. So when I saw this: "You may inquire at the train station to check if reservations are available. Otherwise, you can hop on this train with your rail pass at no extra charge", it gave me hope of freedom from all constraints!
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  • Hi Rich,

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. For the most part, there is only one feasible route between a pair of cities, so there would not really be any other option. Of course, however, there may be some exceptions, which we can try to advise you of if you ask. It is important to take note that there are some routes on which reservations are required, in which case it is generally advised that the reservations be purchased in advance, before even departing for Europe. In some parts of Europe/countries, you will not encounter this as much as you would in others parts of Europe/countries. In some parts of Europe/countries, you'll find that there is no need to purchase reservations and you can just hop on the trains using only your rail pass; it just depends.
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    • Yes, it is true there are sometimes different routes. Where I would say it does benefit to ask is that area that includes Switzerland, Western Austria (Tyrol), and Southeast Germany (Bavaria). For instance, between Munich and Switzerland, there are other options I would recommend considering for anyone that has the time. Even just the short distance between Munich and Innsbruck, there are a couple different options (i.e. the Kufstein example). And definitely with regard to travel across Switzerland, be it east-west or north-south, there are options worth inquiring about.

      If you ever have a question about a specific route, please let us know.
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