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Stockholm to Copenhagen on June 25th!

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  • May 01, 2018 21:09
    Change in reply by Jeff to Hi Casey,<br /><br />There is track work scheduled during that time on the rail lines right outside of the Stockholm Central station. While the track work goes on, you would need to take a local commuter train from the Stockholm Central station to either Stockholm Södra (Stockholm South station) or Flemingsberg. From Stockholm Södra or Flemingsburg, you would be able to continue on to Copenhagen.<br /><br />Tickets from Stockholm Södra to Copenhagen or Flemingsberg to Copenhagen are not able to be purchased through our website. Instead, you would purchase these tickets by calling us. We can be reached at 1-800-622-8600. Our current hours are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CT Monday to Friday and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT on Saturdays.<br /><br />Tickets for the commuter train from Stockholm Central to Södra or Flemingsberg can only be purchased locally when you’re in Europe..
  • May 01, 2018 14:50
    Changed title to Stockholm to Copenhagen on June 25th!
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