I’m being a bit sarcastic

Heathrow Airport Tickets

But I am not smart enough to figure how to get to Oxford from Heathrow. Is there
a train to Oxford from London? Do I need a ticket , railpass or what? Is a reservation required? I certainly feel like walking is a bad idea!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 12, 2012 18:32
    Hi Dorothy,

    To get from Heathrow to Oxford, you would first take the Heathrow Express into the city of London. Conveniently, the Heathrow Express arrives into the Paddington station, where the trains to Oxford will depart from in London. The Heathrow Express only takes about 15 minutes in duration and departs once every 15 minutes between between the airport and the Paddington station.

    You can purchase the tickets for the Heathrow Express by clicking here:

    You can purchase tickets for the train from London to Oxford under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com.

    Whatever you do, don't walk!
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