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I’m confused

Swiss Travel Pass vs reserved seats

Hi... I searched a multi-city train pass Zurich-Interlaken-Zermatt-Geneva. Only the first route showed availability. It showed Zermatt-Bern, Bern-Interlaken-this second portion recommended a reservation for $24 (for two people). I searched twice once using a swiss travel pass and another time not selecting any option... the price was the same. Why would i purchase the Swiss Travel Pass for "from $235" for 3 train legs- assuming they are each about $30, when I could buy them individually for a total of $90? does this make sense? Is the only perk of this pass to hop on and off the train without reservations, getting to avoid ticket lines? The fact that some train legs require reservations anyway makes me think I will need to get in a ticket line. If I am "reserving" a route that is recommended to have a reservation, do I pay extra for that? I guess I'm just trying to figure out WHY the swiss travel pass for my travel plans? Why not just buy individually? thank you:)
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