Swiss Pass 2 for 1 question

Hi, I just purchased a Swiss Pass 2 for 1 Special you guys were offering. When i purchased it. The Conditions stated it that it must be used by May 31st 2012. I didn't mind this because im Traveling in March. But now when i check your website you have just updated the Swiss Pass 2 for 1 with a new condition that its only valid from April 1st to May 31st 2012. Is this a new offer all together or is it the same one? I will be receiving my pass in the mail next week so i do not know if it has date restrictions on it. I l took screen shots of the offer before i purchased it and it did not have a date restriction on it except that it had to be used by May 31st 2012. I tried calling your office but have been unsuccessful with someone picking up. I'm worried because i leave for Europe on the 8th of March!
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