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swiss rail pass for indian citizen living in netherlands for more than six months

I my name is Hemant. I am Indian national, living in Netherlands since 4th Oct 2011. I wish to by the Swiss rail pass with the offer Swiss 2-for-1 to travel in Switzerland for 4 days in may 2012, Can I buy this pass, if yes from when. I was trying to buy it from but it didnot give me the option of Netherlands as my country of residence.

Please let me know if I can buy this pass, in case i cannot buy this pass is there any other rail pass i can buy ?
thanks in advance.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 13, 2012 21:42
    Hi Hermant,

    You have contacted the North American rail pass and rail ticket consolidator for the various national rail networks of Europe. Due to local restrictions, we are only able to sell to residents of countries in North America. If you are a citizen of India, then you would have to place your order through our affliated website in India, which is Otherwise, since you are residing in the Netherlands, you can see if you can book from our European site at
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