Swiss Saver Flexi Pass

Where can I find the cost of the Swiss Saver Flexi Pass?

On the days selected to train travel on the Flexi Pass, are lifts and boats included
at 100% coverage?
I realize that on in-between days (not selected train travel days), lifts and boats will be 50% off.

I ask because I am trying to compare the Swiss Saver Flexi Pass and the Half Price Card.
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  • Hi Claudia,

    You can find information including bonuses on the Swiss Pass by clicking on the following link:

    Boats are covered 100%, however, not all mountain peaks are covered. Some are discounted at 25%-50% off the full fare. Depending on the mountain peaks you are traveling to, we do also offer the Swiss Peaks Pass. You can access information on this pass by clicking this link:

    I hope this information helps you in determing the best option for you.

    Thank you,
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