Swiss train travel questions (2 day flexi pass)

Hi all,

Going to be in Switzerland for 3 days to visit Zermatt and had a few questions regarding passes and such. Can anyone tell me if the following scenario is valid?

Swiss 2 day Flexi Pass - $272 (buy before leaving for Europe)

Innsbruck->Buchs SG (3/21/14) - $30.11
Buchs SG->Chur (3/21/14) - Free using Flexi Pass
Chur->Zermatt on Glacier Express (3/21/14) - $14.56 for reservation, ticket is free using Flexi Pass

Zermatt->Zurich Airport (3/23/14) - Free using Flexi Pass

Total: $316.67 plus 50% discount on fares in Zermatt

Am I missing something here or is this all ok? Let me know, thanks!
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  • Hi Eli,

    I'm not sure where you got those fares as booking reservations on the website is always rounded to the whole dollar. Using a Swiss Pass would allow you free travel on the rail lines, boats and some cable cars in Switzerland.

    The two day Swiss Flexi Pass would work for your journeys. You can also purchase the ticket from Innsbruck to Buchs on our website.

    The itinerary you described above would work for you. However, for the fares you listed I cannot guarantee that those prices are correct as it does not seem like you priced them on our website.

    I hope this information helps you in planning your vacation.

    Thank you,
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