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We are a family of 2 adults, 2 youth, planning a trip to Switzerland and Italy in July. Flying into Geneva and staying with friends. We plan to buy a Swiss rail pass and spend 4-5 days in Switzerland, then want to explore northern Italy by train (Milan, Genoa, Pisa, Mediterranean coast, Venice). Fly home from Venice. Do you have suggestions for best itinerary for this part of Italy and what type of rail pass to buy? We will have 7 - 10 days in Italy. Perhaps we should buy a Select Pass to include Switzerland, Italy & France? - in case we want to spend a day or two in France, since we will be so close. Thanks.
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  • Hello Beth,
    Sounds like you are planning a great trip. Depending on the age of your youth, you can get a free Swiss Family Card if they are under 16 years old. A Swiss pass and a separate Italy Pass might be the way to go. If you are planning on traveling to France, I would recommend the 3 Country Select Pass. I would suggest the following itinerary for Northern Italy: Milan-Genova-Cinque Terra Region-Pisa-Florence-Venice. A Swiss Pass will certainly give you the most bonuses in Switzerland. You can find information about that on our web site www.raileurope.com.
    Hope this helps.
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