Terrible Customer Service

How can i actually speak to someone at Rail Europe? No one returns my emails sent through the customer service website and the 1-800 number is a joke. I believe I am entitled to a refund, however it is impossible to get any sort of human response from your company. I am completely unimpressed.
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  • Hi Lisa,

    We are sorry to hear that you have not yet received a response with regards to a refund request. If you have sent your tickets to us for a refund or have questions regarding a claim, you can contact Customer Relations at 866-513-5377 and they would be more than happy to assist you with your request.

    If you have not yet traveled and are still looking for assistance, you can contact us at 800-438-7245 or send an email to customercare@raileurope.com and one of our Travel Consultants will be able to assist you with your request.

    We hope that you are able to get in touch with us to resolve your questions.

    Thank you,
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