I’m frustrated

Ticket issued by raileurope.com not accepted on Geneva-Lyon train!

I bought on 19 Dec a train ticket from Geneva to Lyon for travel on Dec 22. The email I got gave me an e-ticket confirmation number and said that I have to print my ticket at a self-service kiosk at the train station before boarding the train. I get to the train station and there is no self-service kiosk. I asked the people at the ticket counters if they could print it for me and they said they were the Swiss train system, not the French, and therefore could not print. They told me to check with the ticket collector on the train. I go to the train and the ticket collector said she doesn't know who raileurope.com is, and that I do not have a valid ticket. She even checked on her computer system with my last name and date of birth and said no ticket was issued. Obviously without a ticket I wasn't allowed on the train. Not only was my trip cancelled but I have still been charged the ticket amount. I will be contacting the customer service for a refund. Extremely displeased with this website.
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