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I have a European East 6 day Pass and when I used the first day in Vienna they did not put a validating stamp on my pass. On the second day when we crossed the Hungary border, the train guy said the ticket was not valid and he wanted me to pay a 110 euro fine, I refused and he let it go. How do I get this ticket validated now, can I just go to the train station in Budapest? I an also very upset that the raileurope website makes you believe you can speak to a real person which is impossible!!!
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  • Hi Phillip,

    I am not sure if you will be able to activate your pass now that you have used the pass for more than 1 day. The rail passes must be activated at the ticket window at the train station prior to boarding your first train.

    You can check locally in Budapest to see if they will activate your pass at this time. Please take your pass with your passports to the ticket window at the station for further assistance.

    We are only open on weekends from 9am-5pm EST.

    Thank you,
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