Does the train from Budapest to Prague go through Slovakia? If so, do I need to have Slovakia on my Eurail Select Pass?

I'm going to Europe for 2 weeks visiting Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. I'm thinking about getting a 3 country Eurail pass for my time there. However, I am looking at the train schedules and maps I am confused about whether or not the train from Budapest to Prague goes through Slovakia. If it does I'll have to get a 4 country pass just for that train ride. Does anyone know if the train goes through Slovakia?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 26, 2016 16:45
    Hi Kelsey,

    The direct train from Budapest to Prague does pass through Slovakia along the way. Therefore, to take this train you would have to either purchase the 4 country Eurail Select Pass to include Slovakia or a regular ticket for the segment of this ride that passes through Slovakia.

    Specifically, the ticket you would have to purchase would be one from Szob (at the Hungary/Slovakia border) to Breclav (at the Slovakia/Czech Republic border). You wouldn't actually get off the train in either Szob or Breclav; this would just be so you'd be covered to pass through Slovakia in the case that you get the 3 country Eurail Select Pass to include only Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Austria. Therefore, you would remain on the train for the full duration of the ride between Budapest and Prague. You can purchase this ticket by entering 'Szob' and 'Breclav' as your cities on our homepage, Since you wouldn't actually be getting off the train in either Szob or Breclav, you can disregard the times that display for departure and arrival. Any departure will do for the date you plan to travel, as the ticket we issue to you would just be used as an 'open ticket' anyway, meaning it would be valid on any of the trains from Budapest to Prague.

    You might just want to opt for the 4 country Eurail Select Pass that includes Slovakia, as it is very likely that it would still be less expensive than getting the combination of the 3 country option of the Eurail Select Pass and the supplemental ticket from Szob to Breclav.

    To check costs for the Eurail Select Pass, you would click here:
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