Train from Zurich to Salzburg with changeover of 3 minutes

I want to book a train journey from Zurich to Salzburg. But it shows a changeover at 3 stations. One at Ziegelbrucke with switching time of 3 minutes and the other at Buchs with switching time of 7 minutes.
Is that worth a try?
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  • Hi Arvin,

    That is a way you can get from Zurich to Salzburg; however, you probably instead would want to take one of the direct trains. From Zurich to Salzburg, there are direct Railjet trains.

    The path of these Railjets will have you traveling along a renowned scenic stretch of railway called the 'Arlberg Railway'. This stretch of railway starts right after you cross over the border into Austria (around Bludenz) and goes up to Innsbruck. The ride from Zurich to Salzburg takes just under 5.5. hours.

    You would purchase tickets for a direct train from Zurich to Salzburg by searching the route under 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage, Generally, these trains can be booked once within 90 days of an intended departure date.
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    • Hi Jeff,
      I searched on below site for the trip on 28th sept from Zurich to Salzburg showing only 29€. I couldn't find same train journey departure 06:40- 13:02 on rail europe site.
    • That is not our website. I'm sorry, as we are not able to assist with other websites.

      On our site (, the specific connection you're interested in can only be viewed/booked by breaking up your search segment-by-segment. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Zurich to Ziegelbrücke, another search for Ziegelbrücke to Buchs, another search for Buchs to Feldkirch, and then another search for Feldkirch to Salzburg.
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