Flexibility of Vienna-Budapest ticket. If I miss my train, can my ticket be used on the next one?

Hi, Am looking to get tickets from Vienna to Budapest
There are a couple of options ;
Departure 9.42 and Departure 11.42
I just wanted to check if there is a ticket which would be open to both options?

My intention is to catch the 9.42 am train but in case I miss this want to have the option to catch the other one
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 02, 2016 18:22
    Hi Sohan,

    Tickets for the route from Vienna to Budapest are actually issued as 'open tickets', which means they would be valid for you to use on either of the two trains you mentioned. Open tickets are valid for any single train operating between the cities listed on the ticket within a 15 day time period (which begins on the date you search the route for when you place your order). As such, open tickets do not even reflect actual departure and arrival times, even though you would still be selecting a specific departure on our website.

    For this route, we would also issue a reservation for the specific departure you choose, but it is issued as a separate document from the open ticket. Therefore, if you end up needing to take a different departure, you would only lose the reservation, and your open ticket would still be valid for you to use.

    On the trains from Vienna to Budapest, reservations are recommended, so you may still want to purchase a new reservation to go along with your open ticket, should you end up taking a different train. You would just do this right at the station. When you do, be sure to mention that you already have the ticket, so they only charge you for the new reservation.

    You would purchase tickets for a train from Vienna to Budapest by entering the route under 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. Generally, trains from Vienna to Budapest can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure. Trains between Vienna and Budapest are Railjet and EuroCity (EC) trains.
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