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Train from Zurich Airport to Lucerne

I am traveling from Zurich Airport August 22 at 8:05 AM to Lucerne's Schweizerhof Hotel.
What pass should I purchase or should I plan some other means of travel to the hotel?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 17, 2013 15:03
    Hi Beth,

    For travel just from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, you would purchase regular point-to-point tickets. There does happen to be a rail station right at the Zurich Airport, and there are direct trains from there to Lucerne. The ride would only take about an hour in duration.

    You would purchase tickets and check schedules by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. You would just type 'Zurich Airport' in the field for the departure city for it to be recognized by our website. The results will display with 'Zuerich Flughafen' as the station of departure; however, 'Flughafen' just means 'airport'.
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