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Train travel within Switzerland and into France

We want to take day trips from Geneva to Zurich and also to Lyon. It's our 38th anniversary, second honeymoon....want to have a great time! Suggestions?
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  • Hi Michelle,

    You can take day trips from these cities to anywhere in France or with in Switzerland. Since most cities are just a short train ride away from Geneva or Zurich you can travel anywhere you choose. I would recommend a Swiss pass to give you the most options for traveling. Please note that when traveling from Geneva to Lyon that a Swiss pass would not cover you for this trip.
    I hope this information helps you when planning your trip. Please note that the Swiss pass is valid on boats, public transportation with in many cities as well as free entrance to over 400 museums. Any free days of travel will take a day off of your pass so please make a note of this when booking the amount of days you will need.

    Thank you.
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