Budoia to Rome & Rome to the Venice Marco Polo Airport?

We will be renting a car in Venice and driving to Budoia. Is it possible to take a train from Budoia to Rome and then to Marco Polo airport in Venice (few days later). OR is it better to drive back to Venice, drop off car and take a train to Rome then to Venice. Help. How do you buy rail passes in advance?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 23, 2016 16:25
    Hi Kelden,

    For the travel you described, you would just want to purchase regular tickets as opposed to any rail pass.

    You would purchase tickets for your trains by entering the routes on our homepage, www.raileurope.com.

    I'm sorry, as we don't have any information about car rentals/driving in Italy. I would only be able to advise you about the rail travel.

    Budoia to Rome

    The rail station for Budoia is 'Budoia-Polcenigo'. There is a rail line between Budoia-Polcenigo and the town of Sacile, but I don't see any indication that trains are still running along this line. It may just be that they have been temporarily suspended, but they are not showing to be operating at this time. Instead, they are running buses from Budoia-Polcenigo to Sacile.

    A connection from Budoia-Polcenigo to Rome would involve taking one of these buses to Sacile, where you would connect to a regional train that would take you to the Venice Mestre station. At the Venice Mestre station, you would switch to a high-speed train that would take you down to Rome. From Venice Mestre to Rome, there are high-speed 'Le Frecce' trains (Frecciargento and Frecciarossa) and high-speed Italo trains.

    Tickets would have to be purchased locally for the bus from Budoia-Polcenigo to Sacile. The bus ride from Budoia-Polcenigo to Sacile only takes about 25 minutes, but these buses don't depart frequently throughout the day. Therefore, if you'd like to inquire about specific schedules for these buses and are not able to find any information elsewhere online, you can call us. We can be reached at 1-800-622-8600.

    If you wish to book an Italo train for the segment from Venice to Rome, you would have to do separate searches for each segment of the connection. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Sacile to Venice and another search for connecting trains from Venice to Rome. By doing a search for the segment from Venice to Rome by itself, you would be shown the Le Frecce trains and the Italo trains.

    When doing this, just keep in mind that Mestre is the station in Venice where you'll want to change trains. If you search Sacile to Venice by itself, however, the results of your search would only show Santa Lucia as your station of arrival in Venice. Rest assured, these trains all stop at the Mestre station before they continue on to Santa Lucia. The ticket we issue to you may reflect Santa Lucia as your arrival station, but you can use it to get off at Mestre, so that you can switch to your train down to Rome. For your reference, the trains from Sacile to Venice stop at Mestre just 12-16 minutes before they are shown to be arriving into the Santa Lucia station.

    If you just do one search for the full route from Sacile to Rome, you would only be shown the Le Frecce trains for the segment from Venice to Rome, and the train change at Venice Mestre would be reflected when you pull up the results of the search.

    Rome to the Venice Marco Polo Airport

    There is no rail service into the Venice Marco Polo Airport. To get to the Venice Marco Polo Airport from Rome, you would take a high-speed train to the Venice Mestre station, where you would catch a bus over to the airport. Therefore, when purchasing tickets, you would just do one search from Rome to Venice.

    From Rome to Venice, you would once again have the choice between high-speed 'Le Frecce' trains (Frecciargento or a Frecciarossa) and high-speed Italo trains.

    The bus from the Mestre station to the airport is called the 'ATVO Fly Bus'. These buses depart several times every hour throughout the day, and the ride only takes 20 to 25 minutes.


    Tickets for regional trains in Italy can only be booked within 60 days of an intended date of departure.

    Tickets for 'Le Frecce' trains (Frecciargento, Frecciarossa, and Frecciabianca) can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure.

    Tickets for Italo trains can be booked 120 days in advance of a departure.

    Also, to view the most possible options when you search trains in Italy on our website, you would want to choose the specific hour for each set of departures you wish to view (i.e. '01 pm' for trains that depart during the 1 o'clock hour, '02 pm' for trains that depart during the 2 o'clock hour, etc). Ideally, you would be able to click the 'Later Trains' button that appears at the bottom of the list of schedules that display. However, there may currently be an error on our site that prevents more trains from displaying when you do this.
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